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In order to achieve success, your ad campaign needs professionals. People who can track things in perspective and structure every stage of the campaign based on accurate and complete advertising strategy for a great communication with the market. The main functions of the strategy are two –
To transform the ad campaign into a purposeful and stable mechanism for achieving adequate results and to make the brand development easily predictable in terms of the free communication with the consumers.
This is why the first and most important step is to develop a good strategy. This will turn the customers’ ad campaign into a steerable process and it will help organize the release of videos, spots and advertisement materials as part of the commercial communications. We, from Kino Film Company, develop complex ad campaigns which possess a long term vision for brand approbation and support. Besides the large scale and consistency, our campaigns are unique because of the high stage of engagement towards the interests of our clients, giving them the opportunity to control and analyze the campaigns at any stage of their execution. Using different techniques and tools such as defining goals, positioning, segmentation, media planning and research of the competition advantages. The main aim in an ad campaign for us is to achieve our goals and to help clients by forming a clear picture of their advertisement investments. The ability to plan out everything and to conduct the ad communication in small and easy to understand steps is our signature mark. This makes it very easy to control and optimize. We, from Kino Film Company, don’t just create commercials, we make trends and manage processes in the commercial communication.


We do and ensure for you and your brands:

• TV advertising strategies • 2D & 3D animation
• TV media planning • Music for advertisements
• TV media buying • Dubbing
• Creative for TV ads • Localization for TV ads
• Casting • TV audio post-production
• Shooting organization • Digitalization of TV spots
• Sets, costumes & stage-props • Managing TV campaigns
• Location and shooting studio • TV media monitoring
• Shooting TV ads • TV campaign analysis
• Montage – TV ads • Arrangement of TV rights


We meet you here. Your business and ideas. We offer ours. We craft a storyboard based on a preliminary concept. We discuss the potential and the options.

Based on the budget for the production, our team of professionals creates an original script.
Stylized and tailored for the needs of the project, without parasite words. Narrators’ text which fits professional criteria. The making of a storyboard (the script is shown in pictures) is always required. Choosing the locations. Getting all the necessary permits. Arranging a set in a studio. Ensuring a costume from a stylist. Casting models and actors. Selection of the whole camera crew. Contracts with the executers and authors, arranging and securing the authors’ rights. Hiring equipment : camera, stands, camera crane, filters, power supply, lighting. Covering the transport for the whole team.


Here we are on the set.

Shooting duration.

Organization and execution in short terms. Ensuring camera gear, making sets, covering transport, shooting in natural surroundings or a studio.


Studio for montage, creating 3D animations and signs, original music from Bulgarian composers, digital sound manipulation. Sound and narration from famous Bulgarian storytellers.

Advertisment adaptation

Foreign commercials often become the base of ad campaigns for the Bulgarian market. New or different products can be adapted to an already shot script. Changing of the labels with the help of 3D animation. Additional special effects. Quality sound and narration.

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